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Craftsman Style Home Exteriors

IInterior | September 21, 2020 / By admin

Are you feeling bored with your current home exterior? Or are you confused to modify it and want to buy a new one? You should not be worry of that. You can choose a new home with craftsman style home exteriors or beautify your current home exterior like craftsman style.

∘ Adding Curved Roof With Dormer Window

Craftsman style home exteriors can be found especially in small and economical bungalow. You can make your home as beautiful as bungalow exterior, or you can buy a new one. The bungalow exterior is usually made by the craftsman based on their unique idea and attention toward the arts and crafts details.

∘ Exterior Of Craftsman

The craftsman also applies the idea for home exterior which was built similarly with bungalow style not only for the layout and design, but also the color. The paint color made the exterior reflected the shades which were seen like in the field, forest, and earth.

So, if you want the exterior of your home like forest, you can choose the color such as browns, tans, grays, greens and cropper reds. In addition, you make it looked like forest by considering the proper design and layout, for example choose square building with wooden materials and plants forest in the garden.
For your better choice of exterior style, you should know the further information about craftsman style home exteriors.

Craftsman is usually reflected in home exterior as indigenous wood and stone and also integrates itself with the surrounding landscape. They encourage the embrace between building, landscape and gardens in order to make the structure integrate over time.

∘ Smart Porch Craftsman

The style of craftsman in built the exterior on stone or rock foundation creates a more natural transition between the land and the built environment. The next style is the house siding. It is often composed of clapboards, cedar single and commonly brick or stucco.

In addition, apply gable-ends style for attic and roof ventilation in hot climate. The vents were openings in the structure covered with screens to protect the home from insects.

Then, roofing style which made up of several integrated roof forms to reduce the overall mass of the building. The last are door style and finishing touches style. Some doors are managed to stand out and greatly enhancing the classic craftsman style.

Then, the finishing touches use simple accessory such as make an art and special craft for lighting. If you have known all of the styles, you will find your craftsman style house exteriors as you want without worrying about the model and the quality. Hence, you will enjoy your new exterior whether by buying the new home with beautiful craftsman style exterior or modifying the current one.

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