Hok Chin, a Hong Kong native and a veteran of some of New York’s French kitchens, including at the Essex House and the Mark Hotel, fuses French and Chinese cuisine, in dishes like pan-seared quail with foie gras in a Chinese wine sauce, black bass glazed with baijiu-miso sauce, wok-fried tiger prawns, and foie gras fried rice.





Head Chef


Li Wei Jun is the head chef here with us at Lumos Kitchen East. He will be organizing the kitchen’s activities, the first in command in the facilities and will create and inspect dishes before they arrive at the customers ensuring high quality and contentment.


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Head mixologist

Orson Salicetti

Renowned mixologist Orson Salicetti began his career in the food industry working in both the front and back of his mother’s restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela. After moving to New York City to continue in the restaurant business, he began to seriously consider focusing on cocktails after working as a bartender at several establishments, including the Betsy Ross Hotel in South Beach and Apothéke in New York City. Now, after years as an accomplished bartender, Orson is known for cocktails that stimulate the senses, create emotions, and are memorable.